The Stories Behind Justco Coworking Space In 15 William Street, Melbourne

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Melbourne is the capital and largest city in the state of Victoria in Australia. It is also the second largest city in Australia, so there are a large number of startups, professionals and other businesses based in Melbourne. Many large companies who are opening an office in Melbourne to explore business opportunities are looking for affordable ready to move in office space. Similarly professionals and small businesses with a limited budget are interested in finding reasonably priced office space on rent which is conveniently located in the central business district (CBD) of Melbourne.


Co working spaces are becoming increasingly popular worldwide because they are affordable, well maintained and centrally located. Business owners, startups, professionals in Melbourne who have heard about Justco, one of the leading cowork space space providers in the Asia Pacific region, would like to get more information about the offices and other facilities available in Melbourne. They will be interested in knowing that the justco office in 15 William street Australia is the large co-working space of justco in Australia, with a total space of 8000 square meters. This makes it ideal for those who wish to meet more small business owners, professionals for networking


The William street office of justco is located at level 19, 15, William street, Melbourne, Australia. It has four floors which are connected to each other using an internal staircase for greater privacy. Each floor has windows from the floor to the ceiling so that people working and visiting the facility can get an excellent view of Melbourne city landmarks like South Bank, Yarra River and Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). The office interiors are spacious and well designed, using the latest technologies for lighting and temperature regulation. It has all the office amenities which are required.


The justco office can be easily reached by rail from the South cross station or Flinders street station which are near the office. There are tram stops in the vicinity at Collins Street, Bourke street and Elizabeth street. For those who wish to reach the office by car, the address which should be provided is 15,William street. The office has trained staff to assist Justco members using the facility. The staff are available at the office from 8.30 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday. The staff will not be available on weekends and on public holidays. However the security staff will be present all the time.


This justco office offers basic hotdesk membership which allows the member to use this address as a mailing address, and desk space at the office for one day in a month for $100 monthly. The unlimited hotdesk allows members to use the facility whenever they wish for $400/month. Those who require the office facility can opt for a dedicated hotdesk which is reserved for them only and is priced at $710 monthly. There is also a provision for a just studio costing $800 monthly for those who value their privacy and want a quiet place for working. The juststudio is ideal for businesses who have employees or meet their customers often.


Other than the basic hotdesk, members can access the justco office space anytime they wish using a swipe card. For greater security CCTV cameras are installed for monitoring the office. While the mail handling service is the most popular facility which all justco members can avail of, the free secure WiFi service is also widely used. Members can use some of the other facilities like meeting rooms and reserve event space whenever they require, and will be billed separately for this service. Private phone booths are also available for members who wish to speak on phone without being disturbed by others.


Printing and photocopying services are provided to members who are charged based on their usage. The office has a provision for free coffee, tea and water for members. Snacks, fruits and other food is available at an additional charge. There is a cafe at the reception of level 19 and at the lobby. There are also many restaurants in the vicinity of the office. For exercise and relaxation, the office has table tennis and foosball tables which sports lovers can use for playing games to take a break from their routine. Members can also play Arcade games for entertainment.