What is a visa 457

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As you might know already, a visa is a temporary document that allows an individual overseas to apply for jobs or immigration to foreign countries (depending on circumstances and type of visa). With the pass of the years, more countries have been expanding their visa solution to specialized or professional individuals who are seeking job opportunities overseas, and there is one of them that receives the name of visa 457 which is extremely related to Australia, want to know why? Then stay tuned to learn everything about it.


What is a Visa 457?

In basic ways of describing, visa 457 is a unique type of visa that was offered to Australians or individuals overseas to grant the opportunity of immigration and o apply for jobs without requiring too many other documents like it’s traditionally required. However, in 2017 Australian authorities decided to rebrand the visa 457, and is for that reason that you don’t hear too much about it anymore, it got replaced by other types of via that are worth recognizing.

Replacements for Visa 457:

Since Australian authorities decided to change the visa 457 for more realistic visas due to the tons of criticism and irregular data and statistics that it was receiving with the past years, two brand new solutions arrived on the scene, being the first one a short term visa (or as you might want to call it Visa 482) which is basically a Temporary Skill Shortage Visa due to the benefits that it offers which are giving the opportunity of immigration but only with the presentation of an English official exam in which the individual needs to score at least 5 points to receive the visa.

The other replacement is a medium-term visa which is not too interesting to talk about it since it’s basically the same visa 457 but with some minor changes in the offerings and minimum requirements, however, it has been proved that is perfect for those that are looking for brand new opportunities in their life overseas, so you shouldn’t lose the opportunity if you are interested.