6 Things to Look Out for When Choosing a Hot Desk in Sydney

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With hot desks being in high demand globally, there are a few factors to consider when looking for office space in Sydney. Whether you’re just starting or moving into larger offices, hot-desking is the way to go if you want flexibility without sacrificing productivity. Here are sIX things to look out for when choosing your hot desk in Sydney.


The first thing to consider when hot-desking around Sydney is location. You should always make sure your hot desk or serviced office is centrally located so that all employees within the company can access it easily. Try not to choose hot desks near airports, train stations, and highways, as it can be challenging to find parking during peak hours. If it’s hot-desking, you should also consider how far the office is away from your home or any nearby suburbs to ensure maximum convenience for everyone.

Amenities and Natural Light

While it’s convenient to a hot desk in Sydney, you don’t want to sacrifice amenities either! Hot desks are generally used by employees who work during different hours throughout the day. Thus, hot desks must have a good amount of daylight and a strong Wi-Fi connection for speedy internet access.

You should also consider enough coffee machines, toilets, and power points available at hot desks in Sydney before signing a lease agreement or a loan agreement with your hot desk provider. In addition, hot desks with a good view of Sydney’s skyline or waterfront can attract hot-desking employees, so take advantage of these locations if possible!

Power and Hot Desking Etiquette

It’s also important to consider the location of a hot desk concerning power outlets. Hot desking means you don’t always have someone at your shared hot desk to provide access to charging devices. Ensure that any hot desks serviced office space has enough power points for all hot-desking employees who work there throughout the day.

In addition, before signing a lease agreement or loan agreement with your hot desk provider, establish what hot desking etiquette should be followed by everyone who has hot desks there – such as the use of hot desks, hot desk availability, hot desk security, and hot desk safety.

Security and Hot Desking Hours

With many hot desks in Sydney’s CBD, you should check the hot desk location’s opening hours before signing a lease agreement or loan agreement with your hot desk provider to ensure that it operates 24/7. The exact operation times of hot desks can vary depending on the building or serviced office space. Thus, speak to the management at each location beforehand just in case!

Another thing to consider when selecting hot desking options is safety precautions for all employees who, for example, may want to access the hot desks after-hours. Ensure that security guards near hot desk hot desks are available during these times or that hot desk security is easily accessible.

Price Hot Desking Options and More

It’s essential to consider the rental price for hot desk hot desks in Sydney. Also, compare the hot desking options on offer so you can personalize your space. Some hot desks have small cubicles, while others have larger tables with laptop ports built into them. So, it all depends on what you need for your business!

Make sure to speak with the management at each location just in case they have power points you can pay extra for, separate areas where hot desk employees can store their belongings, or even cots often used by people who have late-night hot desks after a full day of work.

Hot Desking Benefits for Your Business

It’s also important to check the location of a hot desk in respect to its suitability for any client meetings or conferences you may have. Also, consider if it has any special features like private phone booths.

Finally, ensure that there are not too many break-out spaces near the shared tables so your employees can feel comfortable signing up for hot desking options with you! Ensure that any shared workspaces have enough power points available throughout the day just in case people forget their chargers for laptops.


You have to decide what kind of desk will work best for you. If your needs are not being met, keep looking! There is a perfect hot desk out there waiting for you.