How much do 4×4 wheels cost in Australia?

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How much do 4×4 wheels cost in Australia?


The average cost of a set of four 4×4 wheels for an SUV is around $2,000. This price includes the rim and tire. Other factors affecting the overall price are materials used and how many wheels go into a complete set. Some suppliers offer a discount on sets of four instead of buying each wheel separately. This makes it cheaper to buy wheels in a set. Some companies do not sell their rims separately and only offer complete sets of four wheels.


Factors that affect the price of 4×4 wheels cost in Australia


1. Rim quality

The quality of the rim is a big factor in how much 4×4 wheels cost. The material used to make a rim is aluminium alloy, steel, magnesium alloy or carbon fibre. Each has its own benefits and costs associated with it. Cheaper rims are made from steel alloys because they are cheaper to produce than other materials.


2. Wheel style

The design of the wheel can affect how much 4×4 wheels cost as well. This means that a wheel with a unique design with detailed engraving can be more expensive than a simple wheel.

3. Brand name

The brand of the wheel is another factor in how much 4×4 wheels cost. Manufacturers of performance wheels try to keep their brand name as a selling point for their rims because these brands are known for making durable and lightweight wheels.


4. Tire brand

The tire brand is another factor in the price of 4×4 wheels in Australia because this determines how well the tire will grip against the road, especially in dry or wet conditions. This is why some companies offer discounts when they sell tires along with their rims. A combination of a well-known tire and rim brand can make the 4×4 wheels very expensive.


5. Wheel width and diameter

The 4×4 wheel size is measured in inches, usually ranging from 12 to 26 inches. Larger sizes provide more grip against the road, especially when driving through rough terrain like mud or sand-filled with rocks and vegetation. The larger the wheel, the more expensive it can be.


6. Wheel weight

The autocraze 4×4 wheels usually have a low weight because most are made from aluminium alloy or magnesium alloy. While they don’t weigh as much as steel alloys, they still offer enough weight to provide stability and grip against the road. Wheels that are too light may cause the tires to lose traction, especially on wet or icy surfaces.


7. Additional features

There are 4×4 wheels that come with additional features like locking hubs for more stability and a better grip against the road. It is possible to have a set of four rims with five or six tires if it is an off-road vehicle rather than a passenger car.


In conclusion, 44 wheels cost in Australia is around $2,000 for a set of four with rim and tire. The average price cannot be used as a benchmark because it can rise up to $5,000 depending on the brand and type. This also includes additional features such as locking hubs for off-road vehicles.