How can you tell quality curtains from regular curtains

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how can you tell quality curtains from regular curtains

Everyone knows there are a lot of curtain manufacturers out there, but not everyone knows how to tell quality curtains from regular curtains. Sure, you might look at the price or the design on the package and think “that sounds good enough!”, but it’s easy to make a mistake like that. You could end up with something thin and cheap that tears easily or is impossible to iron potentially ruining your curtains altogether.

Here are 5 ways you can determine the quality of a curtain before you buy it.

  1. Look at the fabric itself:

The fabric is the most important factor in determining a quality curtain. If the curtain is made with a high quality fabric, it will shine, have a sheen and even have some weight to it. The drape will hang as it should without bunching up or falling apart.

2. Look at all the details:

The stitching alone gives you a good idea of how well the curtain was made. Usually cheap curtains are stitched using sloppy techniques that make them look messy and unsightly. Quality curtains will be stitched using higher quality stitches which are usually evenly spaced apart, often using white thread so you can clearly see the stitching lines.

how can you tell quality curtains from regular curtains

3. Look at how many layers the curtain has:

A thicker curtain will be more durable and easier to iron than a thin one, especially if it’s made out of a heavier fabric that doesn’t allow for much movement. However, quality curtains also come in different weights and thicknesses for different prices; it’s best to look at all the options when you’re searching for new curtains.

4. Check out the pattern:

Even if a manufacturer is working with a quality curtain fabric, it can still be ruined by an unsightly pattern or color that doesn’t go with your specific style. Look for patterns that are simple and classic. It’s easier to match them up with other decor pieces like mirrors, artwork, rugs and so on.

5. Look at the price:

The quality of a curtain will directly affect the price of it, so if you choose a cheap curtain that’s very thin or seems to be made out of a low quality fabric, you can expect more problems down the road. A good rule of thumb is to choose curtains that are double or triple your budget, since they’ll last longer anyway.


Quality curtains are worth the investment, since they’ll last longer and you won’t have to replace them for a long time. Pick out the ones that suit your needs and find a good manufacturer who can guarantee you a great product.

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